Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Game 64: Live Blog! Baysox v. Senators

Hello everybody, it's Rob Lintott coming to you from the basement of the Marvin Center at the GW University. I'll be producing tonight's Baysox Game, and hopefully keeping a little live blog of the goings on. You can definitely follow along here, no pesky NCAA to keep me out of this one despite simultaneous coverage over at WRGW (be sure to listen). This whole plan may be put on hold as the tarp is out over the field at Prince George's stadium in anticipation of a storm coming through, but be sure to keep checking in.

7:04 - The rain has started to fall out at Prince George's Stadium according to play-by-play man Steven Smith

7:26 - Still no sign of let-up. So a few things to take note of. Tomorrow (Thurs.) night is Army Night out at the PG Stadium, a night not to be missed lightly. Sergeant Slaughter (he of pro wrestling fame) will be at the Stadium all night, mingling with fans. And if you ever wondered what it would be like to be a pro wrestler, he will gladly put you in a number of different wrestling holds! Imagine the thrills! Imagine the fun! Imagine the chiropractic work needed if that goes awry! But seriously, this has great potential. I may quest up to the game just to blog the appearance.

7:28 - Word from PGS has it that our estimated game time is now 8 PM for the Bowie Baysox to host the Harrisburg Senators. Radhames Liz (no-no last time he played the Senators) pitches against Mike Hinckley.

7:41 - We are 2 minutes from the beginning of the Baysox pregame show on WRGW. Steven Smith has the call for you tonight, so be sure to tune in.

8:06 - Lineups:

For Bowie:
  1. Yan, RF
  2. Figueroa, 2B
  3. Cepicky, LF
  4. Salazar, 3B
  5. Jimenez, DH
  6. Majewski, CF
  7. Whiteside, C
  8. Sing, 1B
  9. Bass, SS
For Harrisburg:
  1. Guerrero, RF
  2. Brown, LF
  3. Larson, 3B
  4. Mortimer, 1B
  5. Blanco, DH
  6. Suomi, C
  7. Diaz, CF
  8. DeMent, 2B
  9. Bynum, SS
After a 59-minute delay, first pitch was at 8:04. This live blog is officially underway

8:09 - After only half an inning, it doesn't look like Radhames Liz is having any of the control issues we saw in his last start. He put up 2 Ks in the first, and gave up one hit.

8:12 - The Baysox take an early 1-0 lead on a Ruddy Yan 1-run leadoff dinger. Didn't sound like that one was going to make it. Good sign for the Baysox. Liz can work with a bit more comfort if he gets a little run support. 1-0 Baysox

8:16 - Liz can definitely pitch easy now after Matt Cepicky's 2-run shot to dead center. The Baysox really seem to have the Senators' number in the batters box this year. They've scored 12 runs in 14+ innings in this series so far. 3-0 Baysox

8:26 -
An error contributes to another run, the Senators just want to get out of the first frame. 4-0 Baysox

8:31 -
Liz is blowing through the Harrisburg lineup, striking out the side in the Top of the second (thats 5 in 2 innings). If you aren't listening, you may want to. It's not a no-no, but its a heck of a performance thus far. 4-0 Baysox

8:43 - The Baysox really have to regret that 2nd inning caught stealing. If that doesn't happen you have runners on 1st and 2nd with only one out. I guess that is the kind of mistake a 4-0 lead affords you, as we head to the top of the 3rd. 4-0 Baysox

8:44 -
Stop me if I've said this, but Liz is looking ridiculous tonight, he just got a strikeout on a 99 mph fastball at the eyes, K number 6. Only one walk, not bad.

8:46 - K #7... that's 7 Ks in 2 2/3 innings 4-0 Baysox

8:48 -
And he strikes out the side! 8 K in 3 innings. 4-0 Baysox

9:01 - Liz finally decides to let some other Baysox players into the defensive game, getting a pop-up and a caught stealing. But that's only 2... yeah, he got K #9. 4-0 Baysox

9:08 - Hinckley has apparently decided he wants to leave Bowie quickly tonight as he has settled into a Liz-like stretch, retiring 7 in a row. Onto the top of the 5th now. 4-0 Baysox

9:12 -
As Mike Miller is on the air now, you ought to go check out his writing at Orioles Hangout. Some of the best, concise write-ups anywhere in the Orioles system. A must-read for anyone interested in the Orioles and their farm system.

9:18 - Liz is rapidly approaching a Baysox K record. At PG Stadium, the record is 13, and in franchise history its 16. Liz now has 11 after 5 innings of work. 4-0 Baysox

9:26 -
10 in a row retired now by Hinckley. The Baysox have to be loving that 4-run 1st inning right now. That and Liz' dominant performance thus far, as we head to the top of the 6th. 4-0 Baysox

9:29 -
Top of the 6th over after a brilliant Oscar Salazar catch that had Steven, our play-by-play guy fooled. He thought the ball was somewhere in left field, but Oscar came up with that. Let's hope that play shifts some momentum over to the offensive side at the bottom of the inning where Salazar leads off and tries to break his 0-20 streak.
4-0 Baysox

9:31 -
Slump over. Salazar gets his single, now he's 1-21 in his last 21 AB.

9:37 - Liz is out of the game, falling 2 K short of the PG Stadium record with 11 to end the game. The final, impressive, line on Liz is: 6 innings, 1 hit, 3 walks, and 11 strikeouts. He leaves the game with a 3.55 ERA and a shot at his fifth win. He is replaced by Sendy Rleal. 4-0 Baysox

9:44 -
Another quick inning for the Baysox staff. Its stretch time as we head to the bottom of the 7th. 4-0 Baysox

9:49 - I neglected to mention that Hinckley is out of the game after 6 innings of work: 7 hits, 4 runs (3 earned), no walks and 4 K. He leaves the contest with a 4.99 ERA and the chance at nothing better than a no decision.

9:54 - Gerald Plexico comes in to relieve Zechry Zinicola for the Senators. Plexico is a big 6-4, 210 pound lefty with a 5.31 ERA in 20.1 innings coming into tonight's game. 4-0 Baysox

10:00 -
After a perfect 1-2-3 inning Rleal leaves the game and is replaced with RHP Jim Miller (2-3, 2.97). Miller has held opponents to .198 in 30.1 innings this year

10:07 -
The Baysox head into the bottom of the 9th maintaining the 4-0 lead on the strength of pitching which hasn't given up a hit since 1-out in the 1st inning. Ridiculous. 4-0 Baysox

10:12 -
Baysox go down 1-2-3 on the strength of a nice Harrisburg double play. We head to the 9th with the Baysox looking to complete the combined shutout 1-hitter. 4-0 Baysox

10:18 -
Jim Miller gets the Baysox 12th K of the game giving them 34 in the 22 2/3 innings that this series has gone.

10:22 - The Baysox win! A phenomenal pitching performance tonight as 3 pitchers combined for a 1-hit shutout of the Harrisburg Senators. All of the Baysox runs came in the first inning, on the strength of 2 home runs (Yan, Cepicky) and an error. Radhames Liz had another stellar performance against the Senators as he struck out 11, walked 3, and only gave up one hit in 6 innings of work. Final: 4-0 Baysox

10:24 - Well, this has been a lot of fun, and a Baysox win certainly doesn't hurt. Check back for more live blogging as the season goes on. For now, have a great night, and thanks for reading.