Friday, June 1, 2007

More on Hoey

With James Hoey headed up to AAA Norfolk today (pg 6, it's a PDF), the Baysox may have some trouble in their bullpen. Hoey was the Eastern League leader in saves with 14, and the Baysox have played a lot of close games lately. As we saw in the Reading series, the bullpen had some trouble holding a lead in the late innings. Without Hoey, the Baysox don't have a real lights-out guy to go to in the 8th or 9th inning. If the Baysox continue to let games stay close, Hoey's absence may be felt immediately.

Luckily for the Baysox, they are getting some major-league talent, as the Orioles have optioned Sendy Rleal (lee-AL) to the Baysox for a rehab assignment. Rleal pitched 46.2 innings for the O's last season and came away with a 4.44 ERA and a 1.52 WHIP. Even if it is only temporary (as most rehab assignments are) it will definitely help the Baysox to have someone with big-league experience in the pen as they try to figure out who will take Hoey's spot in the closer role.